Dearest Reader:

Despite her pleas that it’s “really not that good, and besides I need to edit it,” we have for you, today, another piece of poetry, this time from Maddi, monarch of abstractions (not a self-appointed title in any sense).

Read and be weary, good reader

–The Writers


“Untitled Poem #1” 

If things spun the way the world does

The lights-camera-action of the day

The stupid arguments with yourself

When there’s nothing left to say and nothing left to think about anything at all

Would it be the same?

Like rain drops on train tracks

When the clichés come together in a loud ruckus

When car crashes are not symphonies, not dramas,

But a shock in a teardrop expanding among silence.

If everything mattered and meant something

In this life that is moving gears in fluid mechanics

To find that moment when each piece stops to look at the sky,

The grand puzzle.

And we reach toward each other like waves reach for shore

Bound by the moon and by the currents but not by ourself

And when our binds seem on our side and bring us toward sandy beaches it pulls back,

And all that’s left is the damp sand and the grains of shells and salt being swallowed by the motions.

The traces of each other and what once was.

When a hundred thousand people have stepped on the same ground

Looking out at what’s beautiful

They respect the earth and themselves or are thinking of jumping or the next big drill order or Candice at home with the baby or the Chinese food from last night that did not sit well

And that’s what the world is.

Partially a symphony and partially a grocery list

But mostly something unseen by many that is bigger than all

A company trying to make money

A person trying to make happiness

When to that person one thing means everything or everything means one thing

Because the world is a mash of state-of-minds

Every eye a camera lens with different focuses and filters.

So one thing does mean everything and therefore nothing at all


For we don’t understand that the world becomes what we are

A hard thing to comprehend, but-

That is what the world is.