Dearest Reader:

We have in our midst another poet. Check out her short writer’s biography here.

Parental Advisory is recommended. Recognize by now that I have been joking this whole time about being properly sophisticated.

Enjoy, or, like, whatever.

“The Bus Rider” by Jacqueline

The Bus-rider

Get on the bus you god damn hobos.

There are 8 pounds of bloody tissues under my seat

this one hobo is offering to buy her from me

(girl whose head i threw into an ocean last night).

paper towels would have been better

just 1 full roll would do.

how are you going to pay for her asshole

you don’t even have teeth

fucking lumpy mound of blood.

death rate’s pretty bad anymore

but it doesn’t really count

illegal immigrants and shit

more like outrage murder rate

who gives a shit about amount of people killed?

There are 5 people just wandering around.

just in circles.

why does she live in some goddamn hoboville?

real murder rate should reflect real danger likeliness of me being killed

or my daughter or girlfriend

like someone who matters

oh that guy has sock on his head

there’s more furniture outside than dogs here

and there’s a lot of god damn dogs

im driving around in the wire. that’s where i am.

the real murder rate:

getting stabbed, shot, or thrown off a building.

not random drug cartels

they don’t count

of course they die

there’s a fucking war there.

they choose to do that

i wouldn’t live here if it were free

take a right onto vagabond street

surprise another check cashing store.

just incase you want to cash a check

at like a Walmart.

this guy has a 1910 t-shirt made of flax

no that gives it too much credit

this is just beat-up

because he neither showers nor changes

my hobo has an anklet bracelet

why would you choose to live in some hoboville?

fucking lumpy mound of blood.

literally no reason

unless you like killing hobos.

there are seriously like 5,000 stray dogs

ranging between chihuahua and pitbull

maybe if and only if you like chihuahuas

are those golden pants?

that’s a hooker in golden pants.

disgusting. why don’t you own a checking account

im just in the wire. or RoboCop.

or a combination of the two.

wait that makes 4

that’s just another fucking hobo.