Dearest Reader: Today the unofficial poet laureate of Writing Folly has some new short poems ready to go. They speak of helplessness, of change, of occasional malaise, but also of art and of beauty.

Thanks for reading,

–The Writers


It seems as though I’ve lost my spine

A block of cheese, without its rind

And though I know I could rebuild it

I feel no need, no urge to mend it



The sky is black, the stars are blue

The wind rushes by down the brick avenue

And I feel a way I’ve felt once before

Like a boat so close to reaching shore but stopping,

Yes, stopping right before

And not being able

To move anymore for the stars shock the sky

In their new dancing shoes

Like they know the very

 way that I feel

About you.




I were

A spinning top

The world’s thick jaw

Would slowly drop and If

I climbed up yesterday

I’d see a lifetime

Full with





Flash across the screen

They say things.

They whisper.



Dart across my mouth

They wonder,

Have I started to speak?


In truth

I feel quite simple

I feel quite helpless,

Fragile and little.


In truth

The world’s gone cold

The world’s not soft,

But tragically bold.



Have gone completely out

They remember.

They slip under.