Dearest Reader:

Sometimes we walk along the road without really knowing it’s there. We look ahead to the landscape for a waypoint or a landmark of sorts to guide us. It all seems so odd, so pointless. We might feel a pain rising through our shins, up into the ligaments of knee and the thigh. And we get so sad that we just sink. There’s no one to guide us, no answer. And as we fall to our knees and swipe at the dust there, we see that at our ankle there is an arrow. And it’s been pointing us in the right direction the whole time.

Here is a short poetic burst from Charles. It might no not qualify as poetry. That’s for you to decide.


–The Writers


Yes, it will hurt a little at first but I promise it won’t be long. You just have to trust me. At first it slips and it will feel odd, like a hard, metal thing. But not cold. It will be warm. Very warm. You will feel it. Oh, how you will feel it. Yes, it will hurt a little but it is okay because it is so good when the pain subsides, like the blade in the side of the armpit, down in a smooth pull. It will only run for a little while, only so long as you like. And bandage it. Yes, it will hurt a little. It depends how often. You haven’t broken it yet. Well, breaking things hurts doesn’t it? But it releases something good. It opens something up. They’ll just open it to let the air in. It won’t hurt a bit. Yes, it will hurt a little. It will electrify you, I promise. No, I know you haven’t seen it before. Not even on TV. I will show you. You will feel it. So hot, sweating, you’ll feel it so hot, you’ll be sweating. You know it will be all lilacs and buttercups, so pure. You will never forget. So pure. So beautiful. The best thing that there is. Yes, it will hurt a little, but you need sacrifice and pain to make something great happen. Feel it press. Like a cigarette in the cheek. Not the burning end. The pain is good itself isn’t it? Pain is real. Like stepping hard on your toe with the opposite foot and twisting with the heel and pushing it in. Feel the bite of your teeth on your cheek . Pressure, pain, pleasure. Yes, it will hurt a little.