Dearest Reader:

What is the deal with insect themes? At any rate, a somber poem by Charles awaits:



I killed some wasps tonight.

One I smashed with a flashlight’s end

Another sprayed with Windex as it sought

The light’s heat that it thought it ought

To kill.

They were near our home. So,

I went to where they lived,

Stuck a hose in hollowed rock

And flooded them all out

Because one bit me while

I played basketball. . .

The one that lived

Still as it squirmed, Windex splashed

And hid within a mason jar,

I picked it up on a bright pink hat

And saw its yellow stick legs

Reach out toward me

Or anything.

And I tossed it in the woodpile

Where it would die in the dark

As I sat waiting

And took off the black paintball mask I wore

To keep them out of my head.